The Dance By Frances Laskowski



Frances Laskowski

The Dance
 A velvety night, we stroll in love,
Jasmine filled air, light as a dove,
My heart beats so fast,
We part at the door,
 A kiss on the lips,
Forever more
A flower bouquet, greets my glass vase
Secretly follow, I know where he stays
I spy in the window
It just can’t be true
He’s with another
I’m Feeling blue
I see silhouettes, dancing are they
Moonlight and shadows,ready to play
My heart aches an ocean
I cry many tears
Never again happy
New founded fears
Farewell my love, Ill miss you true
No more soft moonlight, or late rendezvous
I look one more time,
And this time I see
A sight that really
surprises me
My love is dancing, my heart swells deep
He makes me proud, he makes me weep
My love is dancing with another
My love is dancing
His Mother

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